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Tuition & Fees

2023-2024 Season

Registration fee $20.00 per child or $30.00 per family

10 Monthly Installments/Yearly Tuition

$52.00/month or $520.00/year ........ 45 mins

$55.00/month or $550.00/year ........ 1 hour per week

$70.00/month or $700.00/year ........ .1.5 hours per week

$90.00/month or $900.00/year ........ 2 hours per week

$135.00/month or $1350.00/year ........ 3 hours per week

$170.00/month or $1700/year ......... 4 hours per week

$180.00/month or $1800.00/year ........ 5 hours per week

$200.00/month or $2000.00/year ........ 6 hours per week

$220.00/month or $2200.00/year ........ 7 or more hours per week

These Prices are PER CHILD ... Family hours CANNOT be combined.

Tuition is an annual charge which is broken into 10 installments, first payment due in September, and last payment due by June 10th. Tuition is not based on how many classes are held each month. Each monthly payment remains the same and is due by the 15th of each month, except June payment must be paid by June 10.

-Tuition envelopes will be handed out to each student. Please put a check or cash in the envelope and place it in the tuition box provided in the waiting area.

-Credit card payments are not accepted.


-Dancers will not be allowed in class if their tuition is over 30 days late.

-Tuition and costume deposits/payments are NOT refundable.

-If you drop a class after December 1st, you are still responsible for the entire costume payment.

Recital Costumes

A $25.00 recital costume deposit is due by November 15.

There are no refunds on costume deposits. 

Costume prices are as follows......

Tiny Tumblers, Creative movement and all combo classes $70.00

All other classes $75.00

Competition Team costumes may be higher

Late Fees

A $15.00 late fee will be added to each account that is not paid by the 15th of each month

A $25.00 fee will be charge to you for any checks that are returned to the studio from the bank. If a second check is bounced, ONLY cash payments will be accepted for the reminder of the year.


Family Discount - Siblings living in the same household

10% discount for 2nd child

15% discount for 3rd child

25% discount for 4th child

Yearly Payment made in FULL by September 30th - 10% discount

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