Winter weather is here!  Please remember that we do not always cancel classes if school is canceled.  Please call the studio after 1:30, if the weather or road conditions are bad, and there will be a message on the studios’ voicemail if classes are canceled, it will be posted on Facebook  and an email will also be sentRecital costume deposits were due last month.  Be sure to make a $25.00 non-refundable deposit for each class. You will be billed the remaining balance in January. Please remind your dancers to wait inside the studio for their ride home.  We do not want dancers waiting in the parking lot or the street for their rides.  Also please be sure to pick up your child on time.  Teachers should not have to wait to close the studio for late pick ups.  The studio is closed from Friday, December 24 – January 2 for Christmas Break. Classes will resume on Monday, January 3.  We are still accepting students for our classes.   After December 24, we can no longer accept any more students, or make any changes to your dance schedule.  Please pass this info to family and friends!!  Attendance is very important.  We will be starting recital dances after Christmas break.  It is very hard for your teachers to choreograph a recital dance if dancers are continuously absent.  Please be on time for all your classes, your warm up is very important!!  We are collecting NEW toys this month to help families in need this    Christmas!  Please consider donating a toy!  There is a box for donations at the studios.  
CHRISTMAS PARTIES!!!We will be having a small Christmas party in each class beginning on Friday, December 17 – Thursday, December 23.  Each dancer should bring in an INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED snack to share with the class, the studio will provide drinks.  We will have regular class for half the class and then the last half of class we will have our  party.  Each class will have a $12.00 gift exchange.  If your child does not bring a gift for the exchange, they will not receive one.  IN THE TINY TOTS CLASSES, TINY TUMBLERS  AND CREATIVE MOVEMENT CLASSES,     dancers will receive their own gift!!! All other classes we will do the gift exchange. If your child has any food allergies, please be sure to tell the instructor before the class starts.   Competition classes will NOT have parties in each class, the Competition Team Christmas Party will be on       Saturday, December 18 at the Southbridge studio. Each competition dancer will be given a name for the Secret Santa.    If your child is considered a close contact of COVID:Unvaccinated: Can be tested 5 days after close contact, IF negative can return to dance 3 days after the negative test as long as they do not have symptoms. If you choose not to test your child, they can return to dance 10 days after close contact, as long as there are no symptoms.Vaccinated:  Can be tested 5 days after close contact, IF negative can return to class if there are no symptoms, but must wear a mask to dance class for 2 days after the negative test.
If your child tests positive for covid, they can return to the studio 10 days after the positive test, as long as they are fever free.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the KADS Families!!